Our Vision:

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As an Instructor Training Center #741079, our focus is on delivering high-quality training that adheres to the standards set by SSI (Scuba Schools International). We are committed to providing our students with the best possible education and ensuring that they receive comprehensive and up-to-date instruction in line with industry standards. Our goal is to equip aspiring instructors with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to excel in their diving careers.

Our primary objective is to provide you with the finest diving service in this area, ensuring both safety and enjoyment. We strive to create a secure and controlled environment while ensuring that you have a fun and memorable experience. Your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities, and we go to great lengths to ensure that every aspect of your diving adventure is exceptional..

Protect the reef and support local environment project and

Trip Advisor is there to prove it. Since our opening, we are ranking in the 1st 3

Our team:

Made and Putu are the fouders of Ocean Dreams Pemuteran

Renaud is our Instructor Certifier# 47650 and the husband of Made

Gede, Lempeh, Okta et Wayan are our Instructors and Diveguides

Putu, Dede are in training to divemasterg. Yogi and Lapis are our helpers


We exclusively utilize Scubapro, the leading brand renowned for its excellence, as our equipment provider. Scubapro consistently delivers superior quality and reliability, making it the preferred choice for our diving operations. With Scubapro equipment, you can dive with confidence, knowing that you are using top-of-the-line gear that meets the highest industry standards.

We have a dedicated team of two Level 2 technicians who are responsible for servicing our rental equipment every six months. These technicians ensure that our gear is meticulously inspected, maintained, and serviced to guarantee optimal performance and safety. By adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, we ensure that our rental equipment is in excellent condition and ready for use, providing you with a reliable and hassle-free diving experience.

For our rental and courses, we provide the Scubapro Tune BCD (Buoyancy Control Device) in various sizes ranging from junior to XL. This versatile BCD ensures a comfortable and secure fit for divers of all sizes. Additionally, we equip our rental and course sets with the Scubapro MK2 1st stage regulator paired with the N295 second stage regulators. These reliable and high-performance regulators offer excellent breathing performance and durability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Furthermore, each set is also equipped with an alternate air source, providing an additional layer of safety for our divers.

Every equipment set we provide includes a pressure gauge, which indicates the air pressure in bar, and a depth gauge, which measures depth in meters. These essential instruments are integrated into each set, allowing divers to monitor their air supply and depth during their dives accurately. With these gauges readily available, you can ensure a safe and controlled dive, keeping track of your air consumption and depth at all times.

As the water temperature ranges from 28-30°C, we provide Scubapro shorty wetsuits for rental purposes. These shorty wetsuits offer optimal comfort and protection in the warm water conditions. To maintain hygiene standards, we take special care of our wetsuits by washing them with wetsuit shampoo on a daily basis. This ensures that the wetsuits are clean and fresh for each new user. Our rental options include a range of sizes, accommodating individuals from XS to XXL, so that you can find the perfect fit for your diving adventure.


At Ocean Dreams, safety is our top priority for our guests, guides, and instructors. We place a strong emphasis on creating a safe and secure environment for everyone involved in our diving activities. We adhere to strict safety protocols and follow industry best practices to ensure the well-being of our guests.

Our guides and instructors are highly trained professionals who prioritize safety at all times. They are experienced in managing emergency situations and are equipped with the necessary skills to handle any unforeseen circumstances. We regularly conduct safety briefings and ensure that our equipment is properly maintained and inspected.

We also maintain a low guide-to-guest ratio, allowing for personalized attention and supervision during dives. This ensures that our guests can enjoy their diving experience with peace of mind, knowing that safety is our utmost concern.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced diver, you can trust that Ocean Dreams is dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable diving experience for all.

To provide our guests with the best air quality possible, we have invested in two electric Bauer Mariner compressors. These compressors are known for their reliability and efficiency in producing pure and clean breathing air for our divers. We understand the importance of breathing high-quality air during dives, and our compressors are carefully maintained to ensure optimal performance.

In addition, we offer NITROX (enriched air) for our certified NITROX divers. NITROX allows divers to extend their bottom time and reduce the risk of decompression sickness. As a certified NITROX diver, you can enjoy the benefits of diving with enriched air at no extra cost.

By providing pure and clean air through our Bauer Mariner compressors and offering NITROX to certified divers, we strive to enhance the diving experience and prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our guests.

Our Bauer Mariner compressors are strategically located in a dedicated room away from the road to ensure the quality of the air produced. This location helps minimize the potential for contaminants and noise interference, allowing us to deliver clean and pure air to our divers.

To maintain the compressors in optimal condition, we adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations and conduct annual servicing. This includes comprehensive maintenance and inspection procedures performed by certified technicians. By following the manufacturer's guidelines and performing regular servicing, we ensure that our compressors continue to deliver reliable and high-quality breathing air for our guests.

We prioritize the safety and well-being of our divers by upholding strict maintenance protocols and ensuring that our compressors are functioning at their best. This commitment reflects our dedication to providing exceptional service and a safe diving environment.

To maintain the highest air quality standards, we have implemented a regular filter replacement schedule. Our staff members, who have undergone comprehensive training on equipment maintenance and servicing, change the filters every 20 hours of compressor operation. This proactive approach ensures that the air produced by our compressors remains clean and free from contaminants.

Our trained staff follows strict procedures to ensure the proper installation of new filters and the correct disposal of used ones. By adhering to these maintenance practices, we guarantee that our guests receive the purest breathing air during their dives.

The regular filter changes, coupled with the expertise of our trained staff, contribute to our commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable diving experience while maintaining the highest standards of air quality.


To ensure the utmost safety and reliability, we maintain a strict schedule for the testing and inspection of our cylinders. Each cylinder undergoes hydrostatic testing to verify its structural integrity. Additionally, we conduct visual inspections and valve maintenance every six months, both before and after each high season.

The hydrostatic testing ensures that our cylinders meet or exceed the required safety standards, providing peace of mind to our divers. Visual inspections allow us to thoroughly examine the exterior and interior of the cylinders for any signs of damage or wear. Furthermore, valve maintenance ensures that the cylinder valves are in optimal working condition, allowing for proper air flow and control during dives.

By adhering to this meticulous testing and inspection process, we ensure that our cylinders are always in perfect working condition. Your safety and satisfaction are of paramount importance to us, and we take every measure necessary to maintain the highest standards of equipment integrity.




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