Offshore Pemuteran, Napoleon Reef

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Napoleon reef lie about 15' boat drive from Pemuteran Beach. A nice site full of fish and corals. Clear water and a fantastic view on pemuteran from the sea

Menjangan Island

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Menjangan Island is a National Park and a Marine Reserve. We have a day daytrip to this park. The daytrip, taht include 2 different spot, and a lunch in between, suit experience or non experience snorkeler and divers certifed or not.

They are the best spots that we have here as the number of fishes and species of corals are triving in this protected area


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Biorock is our"housereef" we teach diving, night dives and conservation dives

The Biorock project was created by 2 scientists Mr Goreau and Mr Wilfbert in 1998 after the 1st EL NINO. Electrified metal structures were laid under water in the Pemuteran Bay and are electrified with 12V and 20A. Coral grows about 4x faster than normal

Also a very good spot for free snorkeling in Pemuteran

Muck diving in Pemuteran

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Jetty is a beach dive in Pemuteran and we can find there the same creatures that at Secret bay and Puri Jati, but without the 45' drive

Normally we spend there more that 90 minutes to look for uderwater treasures

Eel Garden Menjangan Island

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A very good sites for Advanced divers is Eel Garden at Menjangan

2-3 thousand garden eels made it their house on a sandy bottom at around 20m.

Behind a fantastic wall with sharks and currents.

The site is cover by sea fan and corals but one more time,thsi is for advanced and experience divers.



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