What is Mission Deep Blue:

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As an Instructor Training Center #741079, our primary focus is to provide high-quality training that adheres to the standards set by SSI (Scuba Schools International). We are committed to delivering the best possible education and ensuring that our students receive comprehensive and effective instruction in accordance with industry standards.

In addition to our commitment to training excellence, we are also dedicated to environmental protection. Within our office, we actively support a local project aimed at preserving and respecting the land and sea. We firmly believe in the importance of safeguarding our ecosystems, including coral reefs, marine life, and the overall biodiversity.

By supporting this local project, we contribute to raising awareness within our community about the significance of conservation and environmental stewardship. We encourage our students, instructors, and divers to adopt sustainable practices, respect dive sites, avoid harmful actions towards marine life, and promote responsible attitudes towards our natural environment.

Choosing to train with our Instructor Training Center means joining our commitment to both training quality and environmental protection. Together, we can work towards preserving our beautiful planet for future generations to enjoy.


Our team of Pemuteran Trash Hero


  • Commit to personally protect the environment 
  • Prevent others from causing damage through positive action and motivation
  • Support useful projects and organizations dedicated to marine protection
  • If possible, collect garbage on your dives – but only if doing so does not cause more damage to the environment
  • If possible, cut hanging ropes and collect floating nets and plastics
  • Inform your buddy or the crew on the surface if you were not able to remove the net
  • Never eat shark fins, whale meat, turtle eggs, etc.
  • Report immediately violations of the ban on the use of marine animals as souvenirs


Yayasan Ekologi Pemuteran /Pemuteran Ecology Fondation

We are actively collecting donation for our Village/ Area on our Fondation YEP to finance some local projects and to preserve and protect Pemuteran's natural environment:

- Stop using suncream that kill the reef (we offer free try of evironmentally friendly sunblock when snorkeling at the park and possibility to buy some at our shop or online https://id.by-cosmetics.com/en/

- Free refilling water a our shop via an app refill my bottle downloadable on googleplay and apple store https://refillmybottle.com/

- We do underwater clean and support the biorock project http://www.biorock-indonesia.com/project/pemuteran-bali/

- give away free reusable bags for every purchase at our shop

- and we use reusable forks,spoons, tupperware for our lunch boxes


  • Never throw inorganic waste into the sea – Plastics decompose incredibly slowly
  • Minimize the production of garbage: Use reusable coffee mugs and lunch boxes, glass or metal bottles and shopping bags
  • Do not bring unnecessary packaging to the resort
  • Dispose of your waste in as eco-friendly a manner as possible
  • If you smoke, dispose of cigarette butts in the proper receptacle, not on the ground or in the water



  • Only use a swim-through if you can do so without touching anything
  • Don’t swim or snorkel too close to the reef
  • Don’t touch or break corals
  • Use labeled entrances/exits for the water
  • Don’t disturb the sand, since it reduces visibility and smothers corals
  • Don’t hunt or bother animals
  • Don’t touch animals unless properly trained
  • Don’t feed animals
  • Don’t take souvenirs from the sea - broken coral pieces or empty snail shells still serve as useful habitat
  • Only place a reef hook where it will not damage or disturb the reef
  • Do not disturb animals or habitat to improve your photo opportunity




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