Instructor Training Course - 15 Days or more (depending on needs)

In this course, you will learn to teach in the sea, but also go back on your science of diving knowledge, on your dive con pool and classroom presentation knowledge, rescue skills.

At the end, you will have an exam (with an instructor certifier from SSi Headquarter) on 2 days to become Open water Instructor


There is 2 big world diving agencies: Padi and SSi that share the diving market between them up to 95% so to find job , you need to be from one of these 2.

The difference between them is the price of the course and how you, the instructor, get the teaching material after getting certified.

At SSI, all is online, downloadable in 27 languages. (Instructor Manual, Student Final Exam, Pfd Presentations, Videos etc...) Like that, you always get the most updated material for you and your student.

Nothing to carry around like other agencies, just need a computer.

Instructor Evaluation IE / GALERIE

An Insrtuctor Certifier (Examiner) will come from SSI to certified you as an SSI Instructor.

During the exam, you will have to do on day 1:

  • 1 Academic Teaching Presentation Open Water Diver Program (15 min)
  • 1 Academic Teaching Presentation Rescue Program (15Min)
  • 100 Questions Theory & Standard Exam (2 hours)

On day 2:

  • 4 (four) Skills Circuit Evaluation in Pool /Confined Water
  • 1 (one) Skill Pool / Confined Water Presentation
  • 2 (two) Skills Open Water Presentation
2 (two) Skills Rescue Evaluation

Why Ocean Dreams

Our in-house team of Instructor Trainer and DCS Instructor will work closely with you not just to make you pass the exam but to make you understand how the system works get the best from it.

All our past Instructor Candidates have passed their exam with nearly perfect scores, and our Trainer is 1 of the 9 Certifiers (Examiners) in Bali, so you will get the training need to become an Instructor.


Next level after Instructor is Advanced Open Water instructor and Divemaster Instructor but they come with number of certifications and not by doing a course Go to DiveSSI

Instructor from another organisation?


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