Our program

This program is not made to re-teach you but to explain you the SSI Philosophy, training material, differences between agencies and make you comfortable teaching SSi programs.

We will crossover all you specialties that you have from the other agencies for free so you don't loose anything teaching SSI programs.

Possibility to add some more specialties Instructor +5PACK, +10PACK and +15PACK.

Included in this program

1 day for theory and understand SSI, the Material, Standards

1/2 for pool session and 1/2 day for React Right Instructor (1st aid, CPR & O2)

Requirment for complition

Complete and pass all requirements and evaluations listed in the Crossover/Update Instructor Manual. Complete the water fitness evaluation as outlined in the Crossover/Update Instructor Manual.

Complete the Crossover/Update final exam with a passing score of 90%.

A. RSTC/ISO/FEDERATION DIVE PROFESSIONALS Dive Professionals certified by any training agency or Federation can attend an SSI Dive Professional Crossover.

Dive Professionals not certified by an RSTC or ISO Training Agency or an officially recognized Federation will need to attend an Instructor Evaluation (IE) to become a certified SSI Dive Professional.

Dive Professionals certified by Non-RSTC Member or Non-ISO Certified Training Agencies may attend an SSI Dive Professional Crossover conducted by an active SSI Instructor Trainer, but cannot be certified without attending an additional Instructor Evaluation (IE) conducted by an active Instructor Certifier for proper SSI Dive Professional-level knowledge and skill assessment.

Instructor Speciality Packages

You can choose between all this specialities to make your 5,10,15 pack or take all to do the 20PACK

Deep, Night, Waves/Tide/Current, Science Of Diving, Wreck, Photo/Video, Independent Diver, Search&Recover, Computer, Navigation, Coral ID, Turtle ID, Shark ID, Fish ID, Marine Ecology, Equipment Techniques, Nitrox, Perfect Buoyancy and Stress And Rescue.

Instructor +5PACK or Instructor +10PACK or Instructor +15PACK or Instructor

+20PACK (all of it include React Right Instructor)


Next level after Instructor is Advanced Open Water instructor and Divemaster Instructor but they come with number of certifications and not by doing a course


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